Friday, September 21, 2012

All These Volatile Days

The days now are volatile and uncertain. Assange-incident now seemingly has gone to backyard. Same is the Occupy Movement anniversary. Flaring incidents in regions around the world are engulfing days and attention. Implications of the incidents are long-term. And, exposed are the perpetrators.
Iran front is tense since long. A shadow war is going on there. As goes the cyber war. That’s part of a great game. With expanding hands Iran is still holding its position.
Interventionists are flaring up Syria. That’s also part of a grand strategy. Stakes are higher in the area.
The war, virtually, is being waged from Pakistan to Syria, a large theater that touches fringe of Europe. Lebanon, Jordan, Kurdistan, Turkey, all have been made active party to the conflagration. Turkey has started taking hits. Lebanon is charged. The moment of formal burst out is unknown there.
Iraq and Afghanistan are regular headlines with deadly strikes and deaths.
Neither central Asia nor the Caspian region is cool. The Pacific, the South China Sea, the Far East are turning tense with each passing day and with each move by the jealous actors. Military moves are there in Australia and Indonesia. There is renewed military engagement between New Zealand and the US. Competition is beating war drum. But, war is not an easy strike.
Near to China, the island-trade by Japan isn’t a stray one. The customer, Japan, was well aware of the follow up tension. China’s reaction is fitting to the innocent appearing business deal. Not only China, any one will find provocation in the trade. The business has provided pretext to mobilize weapons and for conducting test of hybrid aircraft, defensive in appearance, in Japan.
Japan’s China invasion anniversary is an annual event. The Chinese people reiterate their independence and denounce the aggressor. But the assault on the US ambassador’s car in the Chinese capital is unprecedented. It’s a strong and loud message.
Neither the island- nor the car-incident happened without much exercise. None of these were thoughtless act.
From Moscow, news is dispatched: office of the USAID, the US official aid agency, in the Russian capital has been asked to close down. Moscow’s tone is strong. After the 90s, it’s unprecedented incident in Moscow. It’s also a significant message from the Kremlin bosses. The Kremlin has gone through much change. Change is also in Russian money-power. The change in attitude follows.
In Africa, maneuvers and incidents are many. Very significant initiatives are being taken by the world players there. Tough, almost cut throat competition is going on in the continent.
Europe is occupied with pains and problems of one of its biggest projects – the Union. Bankers’ interest is playing the biggest role in the present day Europe. Competitions are powerful. There are budget constraints, unemployment, sufferings. The electorates in Europe are frustrated, and turning restless. A section of the Europeans are migrating to Africa in search of employment. An astonishing shift!
Gloomy economy is charging political battle in the US. Its citizens are turning tired with wars. Painful news from Afghanistan is reaching the land. Expressions are not happy. Teachers’ strike, historic, emerged there.
Royal photo episode is trying to keep citizens busy. But, ultimately it attracts only the saucy news seekers, not the job seekers. There is legal action to secure royal dignity. The legal initiative shows there is limit to expression.
Suddenly, portions of a film mysteriously emerged. Its path of publicity is equally mysterious. Situation, from Indonesia to Tunisia, suddenly flared up. An analyst expressed doubt about the existence of the entire film. But, there is no doubt that portions of the film exist. Some aspects of the following events were unprecedented.
Impact of following events – in countries, in areas of election, military mobilization, geopolitics, alliance, political career and political equation – don’t miss any onlooker’s eyes. Along with loss of valuable lives burning questions of life in societies turned blurred and volatility emerged starkly.
Societies, in the North and in the South, reeling under crises – from financial, food and energy to climate and environment – are passing uncertain days overwhelmed with fundamental questions of survival. Hospitals and educational institutions are feeling burnt of the crises. So, the patients, physicians, students, teachers and guardians are. Profit seekers are taking hold of health care and education. Strikes are regular feature of citizens’ struggle in Europe. At times, the strikes with economic demands are turning political.
Food crisis is looming over the lives of millions. There is water crisis. Vanishing polar ice and rapidly retreating glaciers are sending alert messages. Extreme weather is declaring uncertain yield and time. The situation carries elements of volatility.
Arms traders need profit, the unquenched thirst. Strife and war are their requirement as they always require. State of some economies is hastening the requirement.
Is it that elements of volatility are rushing together? Or, are factors trying to create pretext for widening area of operation? Or, are efforts being made to influence election or geopolitical move? Or, is peoples’ attention being diverted? Answers to the questions are essential.
Answers to the questions are indefinite to many. Hatred charged situation harms peoples’ democratic struggle. Common problems of bread, peace and democracy are missed with spread of hatred and divisive force among people. Democracy faces new challenge as peoples’ solidarity and fraternity are breached, an act that capitals perform efficiently in societies during fickle time.
Powers initiate desperate projects as they realize self-limitations. It’s a desperado-game. They need diversionary tact. But, should people step in into the trap?